FSC Identikit mobile key is a 'Progressive Web App' (PWA) which means that it can be installed to the homescreen of a smartphone and used in the field away from wifi. This page has instructions below on how to do those two things, but if you'd rather go straight there, click the link below.

Just go straight there:

(This app works just as well on a large-format device like a laptop as it does on a mobile device.)

Installing on a smartphone homescreen

You can install an icon on the home screen of your phone if you have an Android by following these steps:

On iPhone you won't be promted to add the app to your homescreen, but you can still do so like this:

Using in the field

To prepare for use in the field, click on the main menu option (top-right) and select Offline options and then tap the DOWNLOAD FOR OFFLINE USE button. All the necessary knowledge-base files, program files and images will be downloaded now (you must do this whilst you have wifi) and be ready for use in the field even when you have no internet connection.

More Information

For more information about the app, select the main menu from the app (top-right icon) and select: